Casino Bonus From Bodog Casino

If you thought that Bodog was done offering its remarkable range of casino bonus offers and rewards, think again! The casino has already made a name for itself with its excellent selection of the finest online casino games in the industry, its unmatched customer service, and of course its absolutely wide range of generous casino bonus offers at casinos that offer bonuses free of charge. It appears that there is a lot more to Bodog however, and this remarkable new offer should have new customers signing up in droves.

Players who manage to win more than $4000 at have the chance to win an extra $50 simply by taking a screenshot of the win and sending it in to the casino! This is a novel approach that should entice many new players to keep coming back in the hopes of getting lady luck on their side! It is also the ideal way to increase your bankroll easily. And with the further unlimited 10% casino bonus offered with every first deposit, there is no telling just how far you can go with Bodog Casino!