Percentage Bonus Explained

Casino bonuses come in many packages and may formats. Every package unveils a different excitement. In this article another kind of online casino bonus will be given light.

Percentage Bonus suggests exactly what it sounds like. This bonus can be availed after placing a required deposit amount on a certain casino. The casino then will give you bonus chips, not money, directly proportional to the amount deposited. Many Online casino sites were offering this kind of bonus if they don’t want to have or to give a promotion. In other words, this kind of bonus is a last resort bonus.

Casino percentage bonus is available only for the first deposit, but in some cases, this bonus is given in small amounts with every deposit and the subsequent amount may range from 5% up to 50%. Still other online casinos were offering multiple casino bonuses, whether at a fixed rate or percentage based, making sure that the said bonus can give you the highest reward possible after laying down your deposit.

Bonus requirement in every casino may vary greatly. Some casinos may require a certain wagering amount coming from the bonus, while others require that you must wager the purchase before you are eligible for the bonus. Other online casinos may award the bonus immediately right after the deposit was made, while there were online casinos that require you further to request for the bonus itself and you can take it after a few more days.

No matter how the free casino bonus package looks like, it still aims to give its client rewards. Just always bear in mind that before signing up, no matter how great the reward is, there is an accompanying consequence or obligations that will be religiously complied.